Vertex Bioenergy Foundation

Vertex Bioenergy Foundation

Vertex Bioenergy has created the Vertex Bioenergy Foundation with the aim of helping sustainable development.

The foundational purposes are:

  • The promotion of the 17 objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development, through investments and donations for projects of foundations, NGOs and universities.
  • The promotion, promotion and support in the vertebration and development of the rural environment and the communities.
  • The promotion and attention to people at risk of exclusion for physical, economic or cultural reasons.

As concrete actions, the Vertex Bioenergy Foundation works in:

  • Awareness, in potentially user companies and in public opinion, favorable to the use of bioethanol as a renewable fuel for transport, assuming it as profitable and environmentally sustainable.
  • The collaboration and promotion of rural development and local communities.
  • The introduction of vehicles propelled by E85, improve the taxation of the product based on its environmental advantages, its renewable character and autochthonous fuel.
  • Awareness to the administrations of the advantages of bioethanol for the consumer, for the environment and for the economic, rural and industrial development of the country.

For the best fulfillment of its purposes, the Foundation may carry out, among others, activities that are enumerated by way of simple but not limited to: granting financial aid; the support, defense and contribution to the transport logistics sector in the use of bioethanol and renewable energy; the recognition of people or entities in the collaboration and promotion of rural development and local communities and the best ideas in the field of health, welfare and safety; the promotion and diffusion of the benefits of the use of bioethanol for the improvement of the climate and other activities according to the ends.