Quality, Environmental and Safety Policy

Quality, Environmental and Safety Policy

Vertex Bioenergy is a company which provides sustainable alternatives in the energy sector through the production and commercialization of ethanol and co-products, assumes the commitment to develop its operations in a way that achieves:

  • Satisfy the needs of customers and stakeholders and increase their confidence in our products and services every day.
  • Ensure the manufacture of feed material in adequate conditions of health and food safety.
  • Continuously improve the safety conditions of our processes and facilities to provide our workers, those of the collaborating companies, customers and users, safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of injuries and health deterioration related to the job.
  • Ensure a high degree of protection for people, the environment and facilities, through the proper identification and management of the risks of Major Accidents and the implementation of effective self-protection plans according to them, having the technical resources, Organizational and human necessary.
  • Protect the environment and contribute to sustainable development, guaranteeing the prevention, control and minimization of the environmental impacts of our activities.
  • Commitment to the consultation and participation of workers and their representatives for the improvement of health and safety conditions at work.
  • Manage energy to ensure continuous improvement of energy performance.
  • Ensure good professional practices with the quality of tests and calibrations during customer service in accordance with ISO 17025.

This commitment is developed in the following aspects:

  • Compliance with applicable legislation and regulations, as well as other commitments or obligations that the organization subscribes.
  • Maintenance of an Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Sustainability, Prevention of Occupational Risks and Major Accidents and Energy Management, where the standards for review, periodic evaluation and greater effectiveness of its operation are established.
  • The identification and evaluation of risks, and the analysis and correction of accidents / incidents that may occur in our activity and facilities.
  • The adequate identification, evaluation, control and prevention of major accidents and pollution; aspects that are integrated both in the design of processes and facilities and in their modifications, as well as in the set of activities and decisions taken by each department to guarantee safety and that is the responsibility of all the hierarchical levels of the company.
  • Continuous effort to improve products, design, production and inspection processes, control of acquired products and services, to achieve greater customer satisfaction, efficient management of resources and energy, as well as improvement Continuous protection conditions for people, goods and the environment.
  • Management assumes leadership in matters of Quality, Environment, Sustainability, Occupational Health and Safety, Prevention of Major Accidents, Energy Management and Technical Competence, providing training and information to personnel, and providing the resources that may be necessary for this.
  • Responsibilities in these matters are inseparable from each task performed. Each worker must assume the responsibility of working safely, impartially and competently and avoid or minimize the environmental impacts derived from their activity, based on their training and the instructions received.
  • Management and reduction of gas emissions that cause the greenhouse effect.
  • Establishment and monitoring of objectives to achieve continuous improvement of the System.

Vertex Bioenergy is convinced that this effort will positively influence the progress of our organization and the promotion of a culture in our society that favors the prevention of occupational hazards and sustainable development.