What is DDGS?

The DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles) is the coproduct resulting from the production of bioethanol by means of the conversion through fermentation of the starch in cereals into bioethanol and the ulterior extraction of the latter through distillation.

It is used in animal feed and is an important source of protein for them. It is a source of vegetable protein, fat and phosphorus used in animal feed. It is an alternative for animal feed nutrition to other sources of traditional protein (rapeseed) at a lower price than these. This feed use implies that DDGS is subject to strict quality controls to guarantee both its nutritional properties and those derived from the application of the legislation on food safety in force.

Due to its <12 percent moisture, DDGS have an almost indefinite shelf life and may be shipped to any market regardless of its proximity to an ethanol plant.