Quality, Environmental and Safety Policy

Quality, Environmental and Safety Policy

Vertex Bioenergy is a company which provides sustainable alternatives in the energy sector through the production and commercialization of biofuels and coproducts. Vertex has the compromise to develop its operations with a responsible policy.

  • Satisfy the customers and interested parts needs and increase day by day the confidence in our products and services.
  • Ensure the manufacturing of animal feed according to the health and safety conditions.
  • Continuously improve the safety and health of our employees, subcontractors partners, customers and of our products users, through the right identification, evaluation analysis and correction of accidents/incidents likely to occur in activity.
  • Guarantee a high level of protection for people, environment and facilities, through the right management of major accidents and self-protection plans and providing technical, organizational and human resources.
  • Guarantee the safety and health conditions for our employees and subcontractors partners companies.
  • Identify, evaluate and control major accidents and implement effective self-protection plans according to them, providing technical, organizational and human resources.
  • Protect the environment and contribute its sustainable development, guaranteeing the prevention, control and minimizing the environmental impacts of our activities.
  • Energy management to guarantee the continuous improvement of energy performance.
  • Ensure good professional practice with the quality of laboratory test and calibration during customer services according to standard ISO 17025.

Vertex Bioenergy  is convinced that this effort will positively affect in our organization progress and in the promotion of a culture in our society that would help in the risk prevention at work and the sustainable development.

This compromise is developed in the following aspects:

  • Legislation and applicable laws compliance, and other compromises and obligations that organization could subscribe to.
  • Properly identification, evaluation and control of major accidents and contamination; aspects are integrated in the processes and facilities design and in their modifications as well as in the set of activities and decisions taken by each department to guarantee the safety which is responsability of all the company hierarchical levels.
  • Continuous improvement effort in the products, acquired services, production processes, inspection and control to achieve a higher customer satisfaction, efficient management of resources and energy, and the continuous improvement in the individual protection conditions, goods and environment.
  • The Management assumes the leadership regarding quality, environmental, sustainable development occupational health and safety, prevention of major accidents, energy management and technical competence, providing to all the employees the right training and information with the required resources needed.
  • The responsibilities in those fieldfolders are inseparable for each task done. Each employee has to assume the responsibility to work with safety and avoid and minimize the environmental impact related to his or her activity, all this based in the training and instructions given to each individual.
  • Maintenance of a Quality, Environmental, Sustainability, Occupational health and safety, prevention of major accidents and energy Management Integrated System, where are established the regulations to achieve a greater efficiency.
  • Manage and reduction of green house gases emission.
  • Objectives and goals to achieve the continuous improvement of the System.