Bioethanol, DDGS, Corn Oil and other co-products production

The main product, bioethanol, is produced in the plants in Europe. Obtained from cereal grain, through chemical processes and treatments, bioethanol is used to produce ETBE (a gasoline additive), or for its direct mixing with gasoline, with different percentages of bioethanol, the most common being e85, e15, e10 and e5 (gasoline with percentages of bioethanol of 85, 15, 10, and 5 % respectively).

The so-called DDGS is obtained as a co-product of the bioethanol production process from grains. This is a high-protein compound which results from the extraction of starch in grains and is perfectly suited for the production of cattle feed.

The Corn oil is a coproduct of the bioethanol production from corn. It has several uses, mainly for animal nutrition or biofuels production.

Likewise, research and investment in the production of other co-products is done to contribute in the maximum use of the raw material.