Vertex Bioenergy is an European benchmark in the biofuel industry. Is a leader in the bioethanol production in Spain and France, also in the co-production for animal feed (DDGS), electricity from cogeneration, CO2 and others. It addition its trading department positions it as a service provider of global solutions, with a large capacity for marketing and commodity management.

Vertex Bioenergy has a biofuel production capacity at most competitive market price due to the facilities flexibility to use several raw materials and to produce different products. Supported by a stable production capacity, thanks to the operations efficiency, and by the raw material supply excellence, these contribute reliability and critical mass, key for the optimal activity development.

Vertex Bioenergy actually owns four production biofuel facilities in Spain and France, with a total capacity production of 795 Ml. Besides has a capacity animal feed production of 505.000 t per year and 445.000 MWh of electricity.

Bioethanol is a source of renewable and clean energy that, for some time, have been reliably and credibly replacing gasoline in vehicle engines and contribute to the safety and diversification of the energy supply. Their use in a pure state or in mixtures with fossil fuels reduces CO2 emissions, hinders the progress of climate change and reduces the emission of contaminating agents into the atmosphere. Actually, the bioethanol is the source that provides a higher octane for gasoline with the lowest cost, besides it has a renewable origin.

Vertex Bioenergy manages the commercialization and supply of the demand generated in the biofuel markets, the majority of the sales are located in the actual production countries and in the rest of European countries, being the contracts mostly long term with the most important fuel distributors.