The aim of the Complaints Channel is the receipt, retention and processing of claims about any type of unlawful, illicit or criminal behavior by employees or companies of the Vertex Bioenergy Group.

This is a confidential communication channel which can be accessed by any interested party that maintains some kind of relationship with any company within the Vertex Bioenergy group. It is therefore applicable to employees, clients, providers and collaborators.

Scope of application

Any potentially unlawful behavior or noncompliance regarding bad financial, accounting or commercial practices, or regulation carried out by employees or companies of the Group.

Communicating the Complaints

Communicating the claim shall be done via the Vertex Bioenergy website (, by filling out the attached form.

Complaints will be received by the members of the Ethics Committee.

Content of the Complaints

Complaints received must contain the necessary information to be able to conduct an analysis of the facts reported. Thus, communication received must include at least the following:

  • Clear and detailed statement of the facts.
  • Identification of the Company or Business Unit where they took place.
  • Identification of the people involved in, or who have knowledge of, the behavior which has been reported.
  • Time at or during which the facts occurred.
  • Quantification, when possible, of the impact of the facts reported on the financial statements.
  • If necessary, provide documents, files or further information considered relevant for the assessment and resolution of the complaint.